lundi 15 juillet 2013

Commemoration de la destruction du Temple de Jerusalem

Demain 16 juillet 2013 est le 9 du mois hébreu de Av (Tishea B'eav ) date de la destruction du Temple de Jérusalem par les Romains en l'an 70......Une date commémorée depuis, chaque année dans la tristesse et le deuil par le peuple juif .
Souvenez vous ! Napoléon Bonaparte assistant à cette commémoration et après avoir reçu l'explication de sa signification avait déclaré admiratif : "Un peuple qui commémore un événement historique national d'un passé si lointain a tout l'avenir devant lui "…..Et il avait vu juste cet homme de génie.

 Voici d’ailleurs la déclaration du PM Netanyahu à l'occasion de cette commémoration demain 16 juillet :    Z.T.

 "This week we will mark the Ninth of the Hebrew month of Av, Tisha b'Av. We remember the disaster that befell our people – the destruction of the Temple, the destruction of Jerusalem, the destruction of our land. We remember that this destruction was accompanied, and even expedited, by gratuitous hatred among us. I think that the Jewish People has learned the lesson. We know the importance of unity among our people, a unity of forces, and such unity around central ideas. We have returned to the Land of Israel. We have built our state. We have built our capital Jerusalem and we have created one of the most prosperous, developed and advanced countries in the world. Today, this is very considerable given the background of what is happening in the region, from Morocco to Pakistan, and what is happening opposite an advanced continent such as Europe.

The State of Israel is prosperous, strong, united and developed and we must be united on the main goals that I will detail here – and stand together in the face of major challenges that threaten our security – regarding the implementation of the vision that we have here, especially the development of the Negev and the Galilee on a large scale.

A month has passed since the Iranian elections and Iran is continuing to press quickly forward on developing a military nuclear ability. It is expanding and advancing its enrichment facilities and, at the same time, it is developing its ballistic missiles capability. Again, these are threats not only against us but against the entire West and the East as well.

We are determined to insist on our demands, which must be the demands of the international community. One, to stop all enrichment. Two, to remove all enriched material. Three, to close the illegal nuclear facility in Qom. We believe that now, more than ever, in light of Iran's progress, it is important to intensify the economic sanctions and place a credible military option before Iran.

Regarding today's Cabinet meeting, we will make a very great effort, and I think that it is a historic move in the context of Government decisions to approve a national plan for the development of the Negev. We have already invested in the Negev, in highways, railways, and in various efforts that have led to impressive development, but our hand is still extended.

The plan that we are submitting today for the development of the Negev entails an additional investment of NIS 500 million and this investment will be in all the main aspects of life in the Negev in order to raise the quality of life. It is concentrated in employment, with an emphasis on high-tech. The Negev especially Be'er Sheva, is going to quickly become an important high-tech center for the State of Israel.

The plan deals with economic development, strengthening infrastructures and housing solutions. ....The plan embraces all of the main communities in the Negev – Be'er Sheva, Dimona, Yerucham, Arad, Ofakim and the Merhavim Regional Council. It will also develop Be'er Sheva as a cyber center. In coordination with the Israel National Cyber Bureau, we are implementing joint projects and this is also a sign for the future, a better future for Be'er Sheva and the communities of the entire Negev."

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